Playlist: Commercial Suicide 11.23

tumblr_n1sfh675R21r1tckio1_1280(Bed music: “Watermusic II – William Basinski)

VIII” – Deas
Phases” – Acolytes
Votive Figure of a Womb” – Cremation Lily
Aversion Sonore” – Chor
Phosphor” – Electrolux
Synchron Bitwave” – Zeitkratzer & Carston Nikolai
Virginal II” – Tim Hecker
“Noon” – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
Nanou 2” – Aphex Twin
Oto” – Fennesz & Sakamoto

Playlist: Fresh From the Underground 11.8


Artist Track Release Label
Wild Moccasins Eye Makeup 88 92 True West
Iceage The Lord’s Favorite Plowing Into The Field of Love Matador
Sheer Mag Hard Lovin’ Sheer Mag Wilsuns
Vexx Stress Vexx Grazer
Lumpy & the Dumpers Ghoul Breath Total Punk 7″ Total Punk
Destiny 3000 Champagne For Breakfast 7″ R.I.P. Society
Long Knife Exile Meditations on Self Destruction ?
Bad Faith His Gift Demo s/r
Back Legs Golden Calf Krakatoa s/r
The Pose No Intro Demo ’14 s/r
Freak Vibe Divine Order Prostration Casino Trash
Cottaging Arco Iris The Amyl Banshee EP Wharf Cat
Glochids Smell (Memorymannn Remix) Smell 7" Ascetic House
Jock Club Jock Luv ? Ascetic House
Alfarmania Ur Vagen Det Totala Raggarkrige Chefsideologens
Aphex Twin Aisatsana Syro Warp


Click the song titles above for a link to stream each track.
I’ll be hosting again this Saturday, 5:00 – 6:00pm (91.7 FM KOOP Austin / – feel free to send any recommendations/requests over to See you there.

Playlist: Commercial Suicide 10.26


Artist Track Release Label
Roly Porter Cloud Life Cycle of a Massive Star Subtext
Maeror Tri Mental Electricity Sensuum Mendacia Direction Music
Vatican Shadow Bin Laden’s Corpse Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea: Decks 1-3 Hospital Productions
F.E. Denning Cities of Light Cities of Light Posh Isolation
Maeror Tri Desiderium Myein N D
Vanessa Rossetto At Cherrywood, January 14 2011 s/t s/r
Cremation Lily Velvet Pillow 2 Strange Rules
Pharmakon Bestial Burden Bestial Burden Sacred Bones
Vanessa Amara King Machine 1 King Machine Posh Isolation

Playlist: Commercial Suicide 8/10

Sorry for forgetting to post this earlier, but here’s the playlist from my Austin 10th stint on Commercial Suicide. SO excited to announce as well that after filling in for Alex and Erik a couple of times this summer they’ve invited me to join on as one of the show’s permanent hosts. Commercial Suicide has been long been one of my very favorite radio programs and I’m extremely honored to now be a part of it, especially as the first female co-host in it’s 10+ year existence. Will update you soon on when my next show will be – catch me on Fresh From The Underground August 20th until then. See you soon..


William Basinski – Melacholia #2
Stars of the Lid – Even if You’re Never Awake
Tim Hecker – In The Fog – I
Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Veritas
Throbbing Gristle – In The Shadow of the Sun
Glochids – Mercuset
Cremation Lily – Torn Straps
Pharmakon – Crawling on Bruised Knees
Coil – Where Are You?